One Room Challenge - Wallpaper Spot Check!

Hey y'all!  Welcome to the second week of the One Room Challenge! Is it just me or has this week FLOWN by!  Thank you all so much for checking in with me last week as I kicked off another round of ORC!  I so appreciate the sweet comments and encouragement!  If you are just tuning in here at House Plus Love, last week was the first week of the biannual One Room Challenge event where design bloggers transform a space of their choosing in 6 weeks!  You get to follow along as the spaces go from dramatic before and afters!  How exciting!  I announced last week that I will be tackling my home office!  I am so excited about this one!  I am looking forward to my own "after" with a bright and cheery office that will help me cultivate some inspiration!  Let's take a look again at the design plan I have put together...

House Plus Love ORC design plan

One of the biggest elements in this space is the wallpaper!  I have been wanting to incorporate wallpaper into my home for some time now!  Wallpaper is BACK my friends and in a big way!  I have always had a love of wallpaper.  I remember as a child, roaming the aisles with my mother of a local wallpaper superstore!  They had every patterned paper you could imagine!  I would get lost in the countless rows and daydream about how I would use my favorite designs one day in my home.  That wallpaper extravaganza has since gone out of business, but it's inspiration has never left me!  So one of the first things I searched for when considering redesigning my office was a wallpaper.  After exploring my options, I loved the idea of using a "temporary wallpaper".  Over time and with a little ingenuity, wallpaper has taken an evolution and the thought of a removable or temporary paper was born!  It is a fabulous idea in my option because it allows for an easier installation, no serious commitment, and it doesn't damage your walls!  Sign me up!  So once I found this gold spotted beauty from Target, I knew I had found "the one"!  It is by Devine Color in pattern Speckled Dot in color Karat.  The pictures don't even fully do it justice.  The pattern and gold shimmer is just beautiful in person! 

House Plus Love ORC Wallpaper

This week I was able to get started on the installation process.  It has been fairly easy to install as well! Here's a little how-to on the process: 

  1.  My walls are 8 ft tall.  I was able to get 2 full drops out of each roll.  I'll only be covering 3 walls in my space and luckily my office isn't too large of a room.  So it can get costly when covering the walls of an entire room.  
  2. It is best to start in a corner and allow the paper to go about 2-3 inches onto the corresponding wall.  That way you aren't trying to match a pattern in a corner on a possibly not square wall.  I mention this because I learned the hard way.  However if you are only covering one accent wall, then this wouldn't be necessary. 
  3. When placing each drop, allow the paper to extend about 1 inch onto the ceiling.  You will later trim around the ceiling or crown molding and the base molding with an Xacto blade. 
  4. Peel off about 4 inches of the backing and then carefully position into place.  Do not peel off the entire backing!  YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MIND!  The key is to go slowly and peel off the backing as you go! 
  5. Use a stiff card (a credit card will do), to rub the paper onto the wall.  It will stick well, but can always be taken off to reposition.  Start in the middle and work your way to the edges, smoothing out any bubbles as you go.  If there are too many air bubbles, it is best to peel off and try to smooth out again.  It takes patience! 
  6. After each section you secure to the wall using your card, peel back another section of the backing to continue the process.  
  7. Lastly, carefully trim your extra along your ceiling line and baseboards! 
  8. Luckily the spots in this pattern are very forgiving when it come to pattern matching!  I could see where a more geometric pattern would take more time and patience!  This pattern also has a huge repeat!  That has been a little frustrating because it has caused a lot of waste!  But overall, I am very happy with the finished product!! 
House Plus Love ORC Wallpaper Steps 1
House Plus Love ORC Wallpaper Steps 2

Okay so now I need to go finish the last wall!!  The current state of the office is honestly scary!  I'm starting to question how I'll get it all done, but that deadline is coming and it will come together!  I have big hopes for this weekend!!  Fingers crossed!  

House Plus Love ORC Wallpaper and Fabric

Alrighty friends, thanks for checking in this week!  I'll be back next Thursday will more to share! I'm also working on blog posts about my deck renovation, my experience with finding mold in my home, and some more fun before and afters!  

Be sure to follow House Plus Love on Instagram and check out our Instagram stories to stay in the loop with our progress and all the "going-ons"! Also stop by the One Room Challenge participants as they share their transformations!  I am SOOO excited about these spaces!  And be sure to also check out the other linking guest participants for even more renovation goodness!! See y'all next week!