One Room Challenge - Office Before and Plan

Hey there again!  Cue the confetti, it's that time again! It's time for another season of ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!  In the past season you'll remember that I took on the task of transforming my parent's guest bedroom.  However if you are new to the House Plus Love blog, then scroll down a few posts and you can read all about the journey...from painting vintage furniture, design organization, and more! 

So are y'all up for a new challenge? This season I have decided to tackle a space in my very own House Plus Love home!  Over the next six weeks you can follow the process as I redecorate my HOME OFFICE!  I am super excited about this one!  I have been wanting to redesign my office for quite some time.  I work from home, so it is a space that gets a lot of use.  However, lately it has become a "catch-all" space that I don't seem to use much for "working" and I want to change that!  My goal is for the space to become inviting, organized, and FUN!  I am hoping for a work environment that inspires me and fully embodies the House Plus Love vibe! So let's get started shall we! 

First things first...the BEFORE!  Full disclaimer...I am an Auburn University graduate, so when I moved into my home, I thought that a nod to my Alma Mater would be just the ticket.  Cute huh?  Well, that orange and navy situation has run its course for me.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE orange and navy...I'm just tired of staring at it.  So here is the not so bad before! 

ORC House Plus Love Before
ORC House Plus Love Before 2

Now that you have seen where we are starting, let's talk about where we are going!  Here is the design plan I have put together for the updated space! 

ORC House Plus Love Office Design Plan

OMG what a difference! I am so excited for this one!  My new office is going to be so bright and cheerful!  I can't wait!  So check back here with me every Thursday for the next six weeks to watch the journey unfold! 

ORC Designers


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Yay!! Let's do this! Help me cheer on all the One Room Challenge participates!!